Developing Custom Legal Strategies In Complex Structured Finance Litigation

McFerrin-Clancy LLC provides legal representation services, primarily to the buy-side in structured finance litigation. He is currently involved in RMBS litigation involving face amount of over $3 billion on behalf of private and institutional investors.

Because structured finance litigation cannot be litigated by a single attorney, McFerrin-Clancy LLC has partnered with other firms to ensure the bandwidth to litigate against the largest firms in the U.S

A Diligent And Experienced Handling Of Your Case

Whether you were a victim of false marketing or concealment of the nature and conditions of the financial product you acquired, John McFerrin-Clancy will fight to hold the responsible parties accountable. He and his team will diligently analyze your legal issue to discover any action designed to damage your investment and fight back.

McFerrin-Clancy LLC takes cases involving sales of structured investment vehicles, including:

  • Residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBs)
  • Collateralized debt obligations (CDOs)
  • Special Investment Vehicles (SIVs)
  • TIPP Proceedings

Personalized attention is another hallmark of McFerrin-Clancy LLC when providing customized legal solutions for businesses facing litigation procedures. John McFerrin-Clancy strongly believes that clients should discuss all matters related to their case directly with the person in charge. Therefore, he is available to answer your questions, address your concerns and keep you informed about the progress of your legal issue.

Get The Knowledgeable Legal Representation You Deserve

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