Sound Legal Representation In Contract Disputes

Virtually every contract case involves counterclaims, so each party will be both a plaintiff and a defendant.

McFerrin-Clancy LLC brings over thirty years of experience in identifying and evaluating claims and counterclaims, and finding your adversary’s pressure points, to craft your litigation strategy. When John McFerrin-Clancy takes your case, he will not hand off your case to a junior colleague, but will build and personally run a team of experienced professionals he will put together to win your dispute.

Skilled Legal Advice To Assist You In Your Decision Making

McFerrin-Clancy LLC is ready to advocate for your best interests in the following:

  • Breach of nondisclosure and noncompete agreements
  • Breach of vendor
  • contracts
  • Breach of merger, earn-out and acquisition agreements
  • Disputes involving sales of goods

Your business is unique and deserves close attention to every detail involved. You can rest assured that John McFerrin-Clancy and his team will ensure they protect you from every possible angle.

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