Assertive And Experienced Litigation Services For Your Business

Regardless of how well structured your business, you still may face disagreements and disputes among your stakeholders, counterparties and competitors. Therefore, it is vital to have a knowledgeable and dependable legal partner to help you through any potential legal issue. McFerrin-Clancy LLC is the law firm you can rely on to protect your interests and finances in commercial, business and corporate litigation.

John McFerrin-Clancy is a seasoned business litigator from the New York area who has helped businesses like yours overcome their present legal issues.

McFerrin-Clancy LLC is ready to assist you in the following legal issues:

Pre-litigation counseling
Contract disputes
Partners and shareholders disputes
Business torts
Business, corporate and commercial litigation, arbitration and appeals
Securities litigation

John McFerrin-Clancy also provides skilled legal counsel for all aspects related to business divorce. Together with his team, he will develop the required legal strategies to protect your interests, assets and finances through the process.

Get The Customized Legal Solutions Your Business Needs

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