“Litigation is the Conduct of Business Through Other Means”

Litigation is a business tool.  The first question in any litigation must be “What is our business objective?”  All decisions in litigation – how (or whether) to defend a claim, respond to an investigation or whether to not to bring a claim – must be paired to business objectives.  I develop litigation strategies to serve your business goals.

Zealously Protecting Your Business, Reputation And Interests

As an established business, you might face disputes among your partners and other interested parties, including consumers, or deal with the need to solve regulatory issues in a specific area of your business. Under such circumstances, the assistance and sound legal advice of a knowledgeable lawyer become vital to navigating the complexities of the legal system.

McFerrin-Clancy LLC is a New York-based law firm dedicated to developing detail-oriented and sophisticated legal solutions for its clients. To do so, John McFerrin-Clancy brings together teams of experienced legal professionals in your business’s field to engage in a thorough investigation of your legal issue. The goal is to create solid legal solutions to cover all the possible angles of a dispute, business litigation or regulatory matter and protect your best interests.

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A Unique Approach To Your Legal needs

Your business is unique, so are the solutions that address your legal issues. At McFerrin-Clancy LLC, John McFerrin-Clancy and his team – specially created to handle your case – will go into detail to define the strengths and weaknesses of your case. He will meticulously review all your options to empower your decision making and strive to solve your present situation.

Some of the services McFerrin-Clancy LLC provides are as follows:

When you retain John McFerrin-Clancy, he will personally follow up on your case, inform you of any updates and answer all of your questions. Your case is a priority.

Learn Your Options And Make Informed Decisions

Your business is important. Let John McFerrin-Clancy help you protect your interests. Call 646-771-7377 or send an email to schedule a consultation today.