Corporate And Commercial Litigation

John McFerrin-Clancy works with a large network of experienced legal professionals to build litigation teams that get results.

A New York Attorney Providing Large Law Firm Service With A Personal Touch

Practice Areas

Commercial / Business / Corporate Litigation

Commercial / Business / Corporate Litigation

Contract Disputes

Contract Disputes


Structure Finance Litigation

Structured Finance Litigation


Building The Right Legal Team For You

The key to winning any battle is having the resources you need to get the job done. John McFerrin-Clancy accesses a network of attorneys and other legal professionals that allows him to build customized litigation teams. By bringing in experienced attorneys and experts in your business’ field, he creates a legal dream team for every client. Instead of going with a big law firm that uses the same team for every client, go with John McFerrin-Clancy who will build a team to meet your specific needs.

Large Law Firm Service With A Personal Touch

When you hire McFerrin-Clancy LLC, you deal directly with John McFerrin-Clancy. No paralegals, no junior associates. John believes that every client deserves to work directly with the person in charge. He is highly responsive and prides himself on taking a deep dive into every dispute, regulatory investigation and business litigation issue he handles.

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